Cork Rubber Sheets

Cork Rubber is a product with unique characteristics and applications in a wide range of industries, notably automotive, electrical equipment, gas, construction, surfacing, industrial equipment, transport and railway industries.

Cork Rubber combines the compressibility and recovery characteristics of cork with the flexibility and shelf life of rubber, making it an excellent product for sealing applications.

We would be pleased to assist you in identifying the products that best meet your specifications. Each of us at kaxite looks forward to continuing to deliver you the highest standard of excellence in Cork and Cork Rubber products.



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  • Natural Cork Composition Sheets is a very economical, all-purpose gasket material, which is composed of a 10/20 grind composition cork. Available in rolls and sheets.

  • Cork and Nitrile Rubber sheets are a blend of high quality grade of cork and nitrile rubber, which has high oil, aromatic fuel, and solvent resistance. Each grade of our H-series has the ability to be certified to meet Grades A, B, or C of MIL C 6183 B Class 1.

  • Cork and Neoprene Rubber: For this gasket material, high quality grades of cork and neoprene rubber, are blended and bound in soft, medium, and firm densities. Ideal in a wide variety of sealing applications. Each grade of our E-series has the ability to be certified to meet Grades A, B, or C of MIL C 6183 B Class 2.

  • This Cork rubber sheets material is a general purpose material that is used in light to medium duty applications. Mostly used in indoor applications, Cork-Rubber sheets work well and are resilient to constant use. Cork Rubber materials have a smooth surface and does not contain through holes or voids in the rubber/cork sheet material.

Whether you need quality Cork Rubber Sheets designed for Reliability and safety, or individual tailored solutions, Kaxite Sealing is always at your service. Thanks to our professional staff, and advanced equipment, the Cork Rubber Sheets is of high performance and high quality but is sold at the most competitive price.