Cork Rubber Sheets

Cork Rubber Sheets

This Cork rubber sheets material is a general purpose material that is used in light to medium duty applications. Mostly used in indoor applications, Cork-Rubber sheets work well and are resilient to constant use. Cork Rubber materials have a smooth surface and does not contain through holes or voids in the rubber/cork sheet material.


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Product Description


KXT-GS2052 is a compound of cork and rubber made by using granulated cork and synthetic rubber polymer and their assistants. The Cork rubber sheets has properties of high resilience of rubber and compressibility of cork, so its performance is excellent. It can be used as gaskets of various engines of automobiles, tractors、plans、ships、and pipes petroleum, transformers、electric equipment and apparatuses. It is a kind of new type high-grade static sealing materials used to seal low and medium pressure.

Common Size:

  • LxWxT:950×640mm×0.8~100 mm (Untrimmed)
  • LxWxT:915×610mm×0.8~100 mm (Trimmed)
  • 1800×650mm (New)


  • Carton 950×640mm×300 mm

Technical Data:

(Distinguish from granule grade) according with the standard ISO4714


Graded by hardness

Hardness:  Shore A



Density: g/cm3



Tensile Strength: kg/cm2



Compressibility (% 300psi load)



Sealing Pressure(min)


Internal Pressure(max)


Service Temp(max)


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